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Fabrications & Guards

Fabrications & Guards

Fabrications & Guards

 Rubberfast are able to supply fabrications, screens and guards in a range of plsatics including Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Acrylic & PETG. These can be hand fabricated, glued, welded, hot and cold formed, or moulded, depending on the material, quantity and turnaround required.


Cold Bending

Thermoplastics and Thermoset plastics are able to be flexed into large radius curves. Bending flat sheets in a curve will cause some stress in the sheet. However, as long as the radiud is large enough and all edges are de-burred, it should not present a problem with the higher impact plastics which are more flexible.

Cold line bending is another method of fabricating guards, this is by being folded in a press. This method should only be considered for any short-term applications with thinner gauge articles for 'Point of Purchase' applications. It is possible that sheetes up to 6mm thk of PETG and Polycarbonate can be folded as these materials are able to absorb the stress involved, however the bend will remain a source of weakness within the guard. Other plastics such as HIPS, ABS, UPVC and other engineering plastics can be line folded but it is possible that a 'stress whitening' may appear down the fold. 


Heat Forming/Bending

Heat line bending is a straight forward technique to help shape a thermoplastic sheet using a localised heat source and a cooling, or blanking jig. The heat is applied to the area of the sheet and folded into place to create the new shape. This method is an excellent technique for the thicker materials and depending on other aspects of the fold can be produced blemish free.