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We stock a wide range of flexible ductings suitable for a variety of applications.

Polyurethane Ducting

For use with abrasive dust and powders.

Available in different grades to suit various pressures and to

FDA standards for food products. Anti-static to order.

PVC Ducting

For use with light dust / chippings and non-aggressive fumes.

PVC Coated Ducting

Flame Retardant.

Light Weight - for hot air (to 93° C) and air conditioning.

Standard Weight - for fumes, welding fumes etc.

PVC Vacuum Ducting

For domestic and industrial vacuum cleaning with wire reinforcement and supporting yarns.

EVA Vacuum Ducting

For domestic and industrial vacuum cleaning. No wire so crushable.

TPR Ducting

For use with hot air (to 130° C), aggressive chemicals and fumes.

Very durable, weather resistant.

Specialist Ductings

We can also supply a large range of specialist ductings. These are suited to high temperatures (up to 1100° C) or very aggressive and corrosive chemicals. They are made to order but on a short turnaround.