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Rubberfast are suppliers of all types of matting for entrance areas, industrial and commercial uses including anti-slip, anti-fatigue applications.

Fine Fluted Matting - Black Fined ribbed matting, available in 10mtr x 3ft, 10mtr x 1mtr & 10mtr x 4ft. Other colours may be available upon request.

Broad Fluted Matting - 6mm, 10mm and 12mm thick

Chequer Plate Matting - 3mm thick

Diamond Matting - 3mm, 5mm and 6mm thick

Electrical Matting (fine fluted) - 6mm and 9mm thick to BS921

Studded Matting - 3mm thick

Anti-Fatigue Matting - Available in a range of different thicknesses to suit the different levels (e.g. light, medium and heavy-duty applications). Designed for operators who are standing for long periods of time on cold, hard floors. The anti-fatigue mat creates a slight 'swaying' motion. This motion encourages to leg and calf muscles to make moderate adjustments to maintain balance and to ensure to blood is always moving. The level of sway is determined by the amount of cushioning on the chose mat. Available with custion top, open top, standard size or link mats.

Duckboard Matting - Ideal for use in wet and oily area due to drainage holes. Available in standard sizes, rolls of and also link mats making to easier for cleaning. Can come in a range of colours, also with high visabilty yellow strips. Anti-slip options available.

Entrance Mats - Used mainly to reduce dramatically the amount of dirt entering a building. Just a square metre of mat can hold around half a litre of excess moisture and remove up to half a kilo of dirt per week. Proven to reduce slip hazards and reduce company cleaning. Available in various sizes, colours, thicknesses and materials. Also available with logo upon requests.

Catering Matting - Important in the food industry due to standing for long periods of time on a hard floor. The duckboard system helps to minimise any slip hazards due to the food being able to fall through the gaps. Reducing anti-slip is important in this industry, especially in the areas where the floors can oftern become wet and greasy - nitrile rubber available where this may occur.

ESD Matting - This matting is specifically formulated to dissipate static electricity. Some simple jobs (e.g. walking or even sitting on certain stools/chairs) can create static electricty. Can potentially cause damage to sensitive equipment if left unchecked. Also drains static helping to prevent any static shocks to workers. Mats meet IEC 61340-4-1, ISO6356 & EN1815. Worktop matting and ESD accessories also available upon request.

Anti-Slip Tape - Self adhesive anti-slip tape available in a variety of widths and colours. Ideal for steps, ramps, stair treads etc. Also supplied in conformable, glow in the dark, wet area and hazard grades

Animal Mats - 1800mm x 1200mm x 17mm for stables, cow parlours etc

Vinyl Mat - Available in rolls and tiles in a variety of colours and patterns. Widths up to 2.2mtrs wide. Vinyl matting is ideal for medium and heavy traffic

Leisure Matting - Matting has numerous uses within the leisure industry including drainage and anti-slip mats for swimming areas (some available treated with anti-bacterial to help prevent fungi & bacteria). Gym mats for shock absorptoon, reducing the risk of injuries on impact also easy to clean and maintain. Groundsafe and Greenskeeper mats allow grass to penetrate to create a firm bond and hiding the mat. Good for impact absorbing and erosion control on pathwats, golf courses etc. Easy to maintain and install.