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Rubberfast offer a mutitude of products and services suitable for maintenance, production and OEM applications.

Hand Fabricated Rubber Sleeves & Pads

Hot Vulcanised

The ideal method of producing long lasting seals, rings, sleeves, bellows etc.  Ideal for small volume production. If tooling is required this is much cheaper than mould tooling. Also offers an alternative to moulded seals by using an extruded profile vulcanised into a circular seal.

Cold Vulcanised

The ideal option when an immediate turnaround is required. Our skilled staff will use proprietory adhesive to form cord, sheet and tube into seals, sleeves etc. We also laminate different sheet materials together e.g rubber onto sponge to give a tough cushion/buffer pad.

Plastic Guides

Machined chain guide profiles


Castors & Wheels

In addition to our core product lines we also offer a range of castors and wheels which are oftern used in engineering, fabrication, shopfitting and display environments. Available in light, medium and heavy duties to suit all applications. Stainless steel and pressed castors are made with either nylon, polyurethane or rubber wheels. The most common ranges include fixed, swivel and braked options but gate castors, self levelling wheels and office chair castors can also be supplied.



Transmission Flat - cut edge, Nylon
Round - Polyurethane & PVC

Vacuum Cups / Suckers

Rubber and PVC belting is available in open lengths or vulcanised endless.